In the fall of 2001, we fell in love over a cup of coffee. Actually, it was many cups of coffee, over the course of a couple of months, with conversations that bled into the early hours of dawn. We worked together in our college town’s coffee shop and loved the atmosphere, the community that revolved around that place and the lifelong friendships that were built there. We said then that “one day,” it would be fun to have a place like that of our own. 

This “one day” dream of ours would poke its head out every now and again over the next decade and we would entertain the idea for a week or so, but then fear and practicality would overwhelm us and would stifle the dream. We had resolved that this was a great retirement option, but not something we could realize before then. 

In 2014 Nora began to feel a prompting from the Holy Spirit. Our church was doing a sermon series on neighboring and discussing what it means to love your neighbor, who your neighbor really is and what you’re doing for the gospel in your community. After a weekend retreat full of the Holy Spirit, we both identified that we have spiritual giftings in service, hospitality, and creating a welcoming environment. And then a lightbulb turned on for Nora:  the dream.

It was then that the little spark began to flame up and research began. We believe that a coffee shop is the perfect atmosphere for community and fellowship. Not just with the coffee business, but also through community events, coffee education and giving back to our community. We know this type of environment already thrives on the westside of the city and we are envious of the culture and community happening there. We long to bring that to the eastside. Doors began to open and motivation was high, but then reality hit us as we realized that real estate in our area was an obstacle that we just didn’t know how to overcome. The dream was stifled again. 

This year, a new idea has come to the dream. With the boom of food trucks in our community and seeing it become a viable option for small, local businesses, and after much prayer and discernment, we have decided that a coffee truck is our first step to a stand-alone shop! If we can efficiently grow a business, including brand recognition and a loyal customer base, we believe that we will have a more appealing business plan that developers will not be able to ignore, affording us the opportunity to become a permanent fixture in Colorado Springs. 

Our vision is to convert a small horse trailer into a portable coffee house/espresso bar. We will focus on marketing in eastern Colorado Springs, specifically east of Powers between Constitution and Dublin. We will not roast our own coffee, but rather want to offer a selection of coffees from the fabulous roasters already in business in Colorado Springs, but currently only available on the westside of the city. Our heart is that the eastside transforms from a mecca of chains and impersonal retail space to an uprising of independent small businesses that the local community can invest in and help grow the type of community that truly cares for their neighbor. 

We have been asked by many of you wonderful people how you can help.  Of course your prayers and support are welcome and appreciated. We believe that this is God’s plan for us and he has ordained this dream as a part of his ministry in our community, but that will not come without resistance and as with any business, we will have challenges. Prayer will combat any evil plots to combat our efforts. Your support can take a variety of forms: first, support our business by buying coffee from us! We will need customers and would love to have you and your friends! Please also consider spreading the word in person and on social media to your local friends and contact. We will be starting a business page on both Facebook and Instagram and appreciate you following and inviting others to those pages.

Another reason the trailer is such a viable option is because the investment is a fraction of what a stand-alone store would be. We hope to have the trailer complete and open in June 2017. 

We are so excited to make you a cup of coffee and share this love of ours with you!